Four things to consider working in college admissions

College Admissions and Recruitment: Four Things to Consider in a Pressure Filled Role

A college recruiter is an entry level position that requires grueling hours, schlepping across the country, building relationships, networking, investing, and eventually bringing in a new class each term. A report by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) highlights the difficulties of the entry level recruiter position (Phair, 2014). NACAC cites concerns about […]

The Limits of the Letters

Students pull all-nighters, ask for extensions, stress, worry, and fret, all in the name of one little letter – often as if their entire future were relying on this simplistic assessment. Designing a system that successfully evaluates student progress is challenging in many ways. It is difficult to create a system that is useful, accountable, […]

Delbanco Deciphers Higher Education

n October of 2000 I was sitting in an audience listening to the late Robert Bellah field an array of probing questions.  In response to one question he paused and then remarked how indebted he was to Andrew Delbanco’s then new book, The Real American Dream: Meditations in Hope. He described the book as one […]

Our First Neighbors: A Historical Look at Native American Higher Education and the Role of Christian Colleges

American higher education today is a unique and powerful system. Beginning with the establishment of Harvard College in 1636, the great American experiment in higher education has undergone extensive growth and change since the colonial era. For Christian higher education, history provides a context for understanding where the Christian college is now. A unique, perhaps […]