Rehoboth Journal is an academic online journal focused in the field of higher education. We publish works by graduate students, professors, and working professionals in the field. Publishing new articles on various topics within the university endeavor, Rehoboth Journal is a resource for anyone interested in the work and study of higher education.

Why “Rehoboth”? This Hebrew word can be literally translated to mean “broad places.” In Genesis 26, Isaac names one of three wells Rehoboth and states, “Now the Lord has given us room, and we will flourish in the land” (26:22). It is our hope that, as we are in the land the Lord has given us, Rehoboth Journal will be a means for flourishing and growth in the realms of higher education for both our authors and readers alike.

Rehoboth Journal is maintained through the Masters of Arts in Higher Education at Geneva College. The editing staff is made up of current and past students of the MAHE program with a faculty board consisting of  professors serving in Geneva’s higher education department.

Rehoboth Journal Staff

Executive Editor

Katanya Cathcart Executive Editor

Rehoboth Journal Faculty Board Members

Dr. Brad Frey
Masters of Arts in Higher Education, Sociology
Geneva College

Dr. Keith Martel
Masters of Arts in Higher Education, Humanities
Geneva College

Dr. Terry Thomas
Masters of Arts in Higher Education, Bible, Christian Ministry
Geneva College