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Delbanco Deciphers Higher Education

n October of 2000 I was sitting in an audience listening to the late Robert Bellah field an array of probing questions.  In response to one question he paused and then remarked how indebted he was to Andrew Delbanco’s then new book, The Real American Dream: Meditations in Hope. He described the book as one […]

A Response to John Dewey’s Experience and Education

John Dewey’s Experience and Education (1938) is a concise yet remarkably thorough examination of “experience” and its relation to traditional and progressive methods of education. Dewey advocates for a more robust comprehension of experience and points to the importance of this comprehension for informing one’s philosophy of education. There are differing opinions on this matter, […]

William Bowen Review

A Response to William Bowen’s Higher Education in the Digital Age

Opening Summary: May I begin by saying that the critiques I offer in this response, I do so humbly and with utmost regard for both the superior intelligence and life experience of the author and contributors. In his book, William Bowen (2013) discusses what he refers to as the “cost disease” that most higher education […]

Book Review: Not Quite Adults

Introduction I had the opportunity to read Settersten and Ray’s (2010) book entitled Not Quite Adults, which offers compelling insights into today’s adolescent transition into adulthood. The book draws on almost a decade worth of research and seeks to understand the effects of prolonged adolescence, arguing that there are advantages in delaying adulthood. Settersten and […]