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History of Greek Life in American Higher Education

In America today, higher education professionals frown at the thought of what many consider a dark spot clouding colleges and universities’ student-run organizations, Greek life. Fraternities and sororities are often negatively regarded due to the media’s tendency to dramatize the social aspects of Greek-letter organizations. Many believe fraternal organizations simply offer an excuse to hold […]

The Bologna Process and Its Impact on the World

In 1998, European ministers of education met at Sorbonne to discuss a way to revitalize and reform the European higher education system. They formulated the Sorbonne Declaration that would shape the prominent higher education system: the Bologna Process. Before 1998, education officials and many schools realized that Europe desperately needed some kind of reform for […]

A Response to John Dewey’s Experience and Education

John Dewey’s Experience and Education (1938) is a concise yet remarkably thorough examination of “experience” and its relation to traditional and progressive methods of education. Dewey advocates for a more robust comprehension of experience and points to the importance of this comprehension for informing one’s philosophy of education. There are differing opinions on this matter, […]

High Five: Contemporary Era

This final and most recent era of higher education presented by Cohen and Kisker is the most brief, spanning only fifteen years. However, as many will attest, this era is bursting with events and changes that highly influenced the state of higher education in the United States and the rest of the world. Just joining […]